We take a holistic approach to sustainability and social responsibility. The implications of climate change and the threat of diminishing natural resources are compelling us to rethink the way we design, engineer, construct and operate the industries and infrastructure. 

By working with our supply chain and clients, we are minimising landfill waste, material and water use, while increasing recycling opportunities and trialling new products with high-recycled content. At the heart of our purpose is our approach to sustainability and our belief that business done well can be a force for a good. We focus on four pillars
1. BACS is a safe and great place to work.
2. Creating a better environment.
3. Supporting our local communities and creating a lasting legacy.
4. Providing sustainable solutions for the marketplace.

Underpinning our service delivery is the drive to create a sustainable business and minimize our impact on the environment. Improving the quality of life and life changes for people and organizations in the communities where we live and work.

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