We are delivering a built environment that meets the economic, social and qualitative challenges of a rapidly changing world, targeting high growth markets and sectors that complement our values, capabilities and delivery discipline.


                         A WORLD OF CARING AND SHARING

“Making sustainable action is an inevitable element of its entrepreneurial culture, which is closely interwoven with all the business spheres.”

BACS has defined its core values – Care, Passion, Awareness and Improvement – to guide in all segments it caters. With success come responsibilities, so we understand organizational & employee engagement with our program. We follow social relations between society & corporate. We contribute significantly towards building a better world.

 We motivate employees to innovate & to work dynamic. We advance environmentally sustainable growth in a connected world.

 • Grocery Distribution: Several camps are organised to distribute essential free grocery during COVID-19 pandemic situations to the needy to overcome their challenges.

 • Tree Plantation: BACS believes in “save environment – plant trees”, and to spread this message, regular tree plantation is being done at project sites across the country.

•Free Study Material Distribution: Organized to provide quality 3educational facilities to economically weaker section children of the society.

•Food Distribution: Organised food donation camps to help the needy.

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