“At BACS, people are our most important resource. This means that their mind-set, just as much as their skills, is keys to our success and progress.”


Respect - Respect, in the way we treat people, the commitments we make, for society as a whole and business ethics, is a key value for the Group. Respect, accompanied by consideration, is what binds us together.

Creativity - Creativity is what drives each of the Business segments to innovate. It fosters a mind-set that encourages initiatives that go into uncharted territory.

Empowerment - Promoting an entrepreneurial spirit within the Group requires allowing people to free up their energy and dare to make their own decisions. An open culture, in which employees share the company’s goals and ethics, allows everyone to steer their own course.

Director’s Message: As the company and management has its plans and goals towards company’s further development and growth, Everyone at BACS is committed to being:
 •Client Focused.
•Contributor into Smooth Client Partnership
•Individually Responsible with Ownership
•Accountable and Committed

In order to realise our ambitious plans for growth, we continuously invest in the talent and potential of our employees.

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